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Itsuko Zenitani


Itsuko Zenitani relocated to the US from Kyoto, Japan in the early 1980s. At that time, she learned about and created Ceramic Artwork at the Potters' Studio in Berkeley, California.
After a decade of developing her artwork styles and techniques, Itsuko started working as a professional ceramic artist in the early 1990s. She creates a wide array of Modern Ceramics that are also fully functional.

Itsuko has been accepted as an exhibiting member of the Association of Clay & Glass Artists of California and the Arts and Crafts Co-Operative in Berkeley. Her work has been included in public art exhibitions at museums including the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art.

For the past several decades, she has developed unique throwing and decorating techniques and complex glaze and firing formulas. Some of her most difficult work includes hand-throwing fine porcelain to an almost translucent thinness, while retaining strength and durability of the pieces. Her most beautiful hand decorations are with Celadon or Tenmoku glazes and intricate hand-carvings. Most pieces are carefully “High” fired in gas kilns to achieve the desired look and hardness.

Itsuko's style has been developed in the USA, but is based on both traditional and modern Japanese art forms and techniques.

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